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In high school, Eric Rieseberg’s parents were advised their son should pursue a trade rather than go to college. Eight years later, at age twenty-six, he became the youngest-ever CEO of a community hospital. How? Eric sums it up in one word: “heroes.”

Heroes Alongside Us 

is both a tribute to the men who were the key to Eric’s success and a case for the crucial role of heroes. In his book, Eric shares how the noble acts of heroes make success possible against the odds, using his own story as an example: Eric grew up in a dysfunctional family with a military dad and a mom who suffered from mental illness. And, the odds were also stacked against him when it came to academics. His parents never saw an A on his report card. As it turned out, by the time he was thirty-two years old, Eric had been a hospital CEO three times over. By the time he was thirty-four, he was managing twenty hospitals.

How does a chubby, never-got-picked-for-any-team, sub-par student from a dysfunctional family end up achieving more success than anyone would have expected? Heroes Alongside Us provides the answers.

Written for guys and the women who love them, this book is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Read it and you will either seek a hero, or become one.

Heroes Alongside Us, One Man’s Tale of Unlikely Success and The Men Who Made It Possible

“Heroes Alongside Us, One Man’s Tale of Unlikely Success and The Men Who Made It Possible”

Meet Eric and World Famous Lacrosse Coach Richie Moran at the Manhasset Public Library Meet The Author Series. A special invitation to Manhasset High Sports Teams. In celebration of Coach Moran’s installation in The Manhasset Booster Club Athletic Hall of Fame on Saturday, Novemebr 21, 2015. Hear what CoachMoran has to share about success, hard work, sportsmanship and his 9 rules for successful sportsmanship !

Location: Manhasset Public Library, 30 Onderdonk Avenue Manhasset, LI, 11030
Date: Thursday,November 19, 2015 @ 6:00PM


Thomas F. Horton Memorial Video

Watch this video on the life of Tom Horton, one of the men and hero’s, highlighted in Eric’s book, “Heroes Alongside Us.” After viewing this, you will understand, even more clearly, why this book is a “must read” for you and those you care about.

CREDITS: Produced, Directed and Edited by Rosa Costanza Tyabji; Cinematography – Erik Forssell; Music Score & Audio Post – Michel Tyabji; Post Production Advisor – Will Horton | SPECIAL THANKS: Camera Equipment provided by Liz Radley; Audio Equipment provided by Limitless Sky Records.

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